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Key Initiatives to Improve Sales of a Hosting Service Company

Posted by Priyanka Singh on Mar 21, 2017 03:23:01 pm

Promoting sales of a web hosting company is a specialized task and needs deep understanding of the hosting business and knowledge about how to engage influencers. Since web hosting is a highly individual niche, one cannot simply execute routine marketing tactics that would drive hordes of customers to your business. Demerits of traditional marketing Since small web hosting companies have to gain a foothold in hosting industry, whi... Read more>>

Vital Aspects of Web Hosting You Simply Can’t Afford to Miss

Posted by Manish Bhardawaj on Mar 18, 2017 04:23:08 pm

There is no substitute to a good web hosting support for building a credible website for your business that is capable of increasing your profits through more and more conversions. Web hosts provide much more than merely hosting your websites by allowing you to rent their servers. Importance of hosting support You cannot make your website visible and accessible on internet without a web host. Significance of an efficient and respo... Read more>>

Significance of Web Hosting for Enhancing End User Experience

Posted by Anees on Mar 16, 2017 11:35:24 am

Have you ever wondered why your blog is not able to generate desired traffic in spite of rocking headlines, compelling visuals, and engaging content? You are not alone, since there are many bloggers who are unable to fathom reasons for their blog’s ability to attract visitors even if they have created their own infographics or developed original videos. ... Read more>>

Right Approach to Build a Successful Website for Your Business

Posted by Priyanka Singh on Mar 14, 2017 05:45:01 pm

Any business that is engaged in selling physical products, software applications, or services must establish a strong online presence through website. Website is a wonderful resource to attract your customers to buy your products or services through online method irrespective of your marketing strategies. ... Read more>>

Likelihood of Over-spending while Choosing One of the Major Cloud Providers

Posted by Manish Bhardawaj on Mar 10, 2017 12:01:42 pm

The extensive spread of cloud adoption across all organizations should be attributed to the significant part of IT budgets being earmarked for procurement of cloud services in 2017. It is projected that a whopping 34 percent of total IT budgets will be consumed by cloud computing and hosting. This is a 6 percent growth over last year. Rise in cloud adoption The rise in cloud spend can be understood by looking at growing number of ... Read more>>

Which are the 10 Best Linux Distributions for VPS?

Posted by Anees on Mar 08, 2017 04:15:32 pm

Those businesses that have switched to VPS hosting but cannot afford Windows VPS plans, can choose to sign up for Linux VPS hosting solutions. These are cheaper compared to Windows because Linux is an open source platform. So, there are no licensing fees as in the case of Windows plans. Linux plans can also work smoothly with other open source programs like Apache or PHP-based applications. If you wish to choose the Linux VPS plans, you... Read more>>

Which is a Better Option for ecommerce: a Hosted Ecommerce Blog or a WordPress Blog?

Posted by Priyanka Singh on Mar 06, 2017 04:55:44 pm

When you wish to launch an ecommerce website, you are likely to face this dilemma as to whether an ecommerce-hosted blog or a WordPress blog is more useful. A hosted ecommerce blog is one which is built and maintained by a group which is the host for such a blog. Instead of hosting it on your own, you can turn to a web hosting provider because it is far more effective and economical. This is especially budget-friendly for start-ups and ... Read more>>

Explore an Impressive Spectrum of Advantages with Linux for Dedicated Server Hosting

Posted by Manish Bhardawaj on Mar 04, 2017 03:50:02 pm

Thanks to the compatibility features of contemporary systems platforms, the difference between Linux and Windows server hosting has significantly narrowed down. These are remarkably comparable with respect to FTP access and ability exercise advanced server controls. Linux operating system is built by focusing on needs of technicians, developers, and programmers. It therefore enables outstanding functionalities to users in terms of de... Read more>>

In Search of Economical Hosting - Comparison of Cloud and Dedicated Servers

Posted by Anees on Mar 02, 2017 05:02:20 pm

It always pays to spend some time choosing a particular server hosting model such as dedicated server hosting, virtual private server hosting, or cloud hosting. Although any type of hosting model can get your website or application up and running, you need to find a hosting model that satisfies you requirements.    Dedicated and cloud servers In dedicated hosting you are provided with a standalone server for hosting your... Read more>>

Why is it better to Choose VPS Hosting to Empower Your WordPress Website?

Posted by Priyanka Singh on Feb 28, 2017 03:47:38 pm

WordPress virtual private server hosting plans are selling like hot cakes because they are affordable and effective at the same time. They can guarantee users greater control over their servers; they are flexible and offer high speeds. In VPS hosting, an entire server is compartmentalized to produce many virtual private servers. Each of these servers is capable of running indepen... Read more>>

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